Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A quick trip to Boots

So i headed on down to Boots to purchase a couple of my fav make up products as i had run out and to try out the new 'No7 Foundation Match Made Service'.

Ive always found it pretty hard to find a foundation which matches my exact skin colour, so when i heard about this new service i thought wooooooooo as i had a Boots with a No7 counter which was 5 mins away from me! Bascccccc, they use their Match Made Device to pretty much scan two sides of your face and then their device tells them what shade foundation matches you! I was so surprised after the woman told me what shade i was.. I have been buying my foundation there in the shade 'Ivory' for over a year and it turns out i was a few shades darker! I ended up buying my usual foundation but in my new shade 'Soft Rose' Ps. How cute are the bags?!


So this is my usual foundation and its the No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation and i absolutely love this. It gives me the right amount of coverage which i want (medium - full) without looking and feeling too heavy and gives a flawless finish. This foundation is best suited to those with normal/combination/oily skin as it helps to combat shine. I also really like the packaging of this product as it looks really sleek with the black pump etc although i would prefer it if the bottle was glass instead of plastic! It is fairly expensive at £13.50 compared to other high street foundations but it is worth it as it lasts a long time!

 As my mum bought herself a foundation too i was able to get something for free as it was 3 for 2 on all of the No7 products. I chose No7 High Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Bouquet which retails for £8.50! I chose this shade as it looks more like a natural shade compared to a statement gloss which i thought i would try for a change. (It looks kind of orange in the picture above but i can assure you it is a dark pink). This lip gloss tastes yummmmmmy but i'm not too fond on the applicator as it doesn't feel very smooth when you put it on and doesn't collect much of the product. But overall i love the finish of the product and the colour!

Lastly, i bought the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (AMEN for this product its amaze!!) I got it in Shade 2 - Light and it costs £4.19 which is a bargain i think! It gives really really good coverage on the areas which need it the most and you can wear this either by itself or on top of foundation. This product is really easy to blend and the applicator makes it easy to dab the product on your face. I sooooooo recommend this concealer!!

Katie x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mini Haul!

So after work today i had an hour and a half to kill so i decided to have a little mooch around the shops and i bought a few bits and bobs!

First, i nipped into boots and picked up the following:
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation -  £8.99 - Love this foundation, it gives a good coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin! I feel that this foundation leaves my skin with a bit of a glow and it smells nice too (bonus)!
Blistex Soothing Splash - £2.59 - Love love love!! This feels so silky, smooth and cool when you apply it to your lips and leaves them feeling hydrated. The roller ball application makes it easy to apply and mmmmmm i just love this!
More Magazine - £1.50 - My fav mag!

I  also had a voucher for double boots points (SCORE!!)

Topshop was my next stop and i have wanted one of their nail polishes for a long time but i've never come round to buying one! So when i saw this colour in the corner of my eye i knew i had to buy it (pictured above).
Topshop nail polish in Blitz - £6 -  I haven't got a metallic nail polish so i'm so excited to try this!!

This was one of the first things i saw when i walked into Topshop and i fell in love with the print and the bright colours. This top looks much brighter in real life and I thought it was a rather fun top which would spice up a boring pair of jeans!!
I couldn't find this on the website sorry :( - £20.

Lastly, I went into New Look in search for a lace black bandeau top but i had no luck and the only ones they had left were plain ones :( I decided to buy it anyway as it was cheap and i thought it would be useful as it would go with everything! I later saw this Rolling Stones T-Shirt and thought 'woooooohoooooo' as i'd wanted a grey print t-shirt like this for a while (it has lowish arm holes too.. perfect to wear with my bandeau!!)

Black Ruched Front Bandeau - £2.99
Rolling Stones Grey Acid Wash Vest - £14.99

Pay day Friday so i'm sure there will be another one of these soon bye bye £££!!

Katie x

Monday, 27 August 2012


So Lush and Origins are in my good books at the moment due to these two little beauties. This post is just going to be a quick little review of these products so you get an idea of why i love them so much!!

ALL HAIL THE BUBBLEGUM LIP SCRUB FROM LUSH. This little pot retails at £5.25/25g and i can already tell that it is going to last me a hell of a long time considering you only need to apply a small amount at a time wooohooo. So i walk into the Lush shop in search for a foot moisturizer and i come out with a foot scrub, a sea weed face mask (don't even get me started on this product..ew why did i buy that?!) and a lip scrub. The woman showed me how to apply it and when she told me that this was edible AND tasted of bubblegum i was of course instantly attracted to it! I have used this pretty much every single day since i bought it a few weeks ago and it has made any dead skin disappear. Bascccccc all you have to do is put a small amount on your finger and then massage onto your lips and then lick it off WOO. It works best if you combine it with your fav lip balm (mine is my Bert's Bees Lip Balm) and it makes your lips feel much more soft and smooth. Also the fact that the scrub is bright pink, makes it much more exciting than the average lip scrub. 

This is my first ever origins product and after seeing many bloggers and Youtubers rave about this, i gave into the peer pressure! This tiny tiny tiny super spot remover pot retails at £13/10ml (Ouch). You apply this to any targeted areas on your face and you wake up the next day and HALLELUJAH your spot is either gone or seriously reduced. There's not really much else to say apart from it is a magical product (lol) and does the job. It is a little on the pricey side considering the size of the product but it is definitely worth it!!

Katie x


With this years summer being pretty rubbish and autumn creeping up on us, everyone needs a good old jacket that will keep you warm AND go with everything in your wardrobe.. what better than a leather jacket?! Leather jackets are stylish yet practical.. WIN! Although real leather can be a bit of an investment there are also still plenty of imitation leather out there in the high street shops! I have done a bit of investigating trying to find some glam biker jackets on the high street to suit different budgets:
1. Studded Biker Jacket, £65 - Topshop
2. Traditional Leather Jacket, £165 -  Topshop
3. Stitch Detail Leather Jacket, £168 - Oasis
4. Quilted Faux Leather Biker Jacket, £58 - Oasis
5. Grey Studded PU Biker Jacket, £65 - River Island
6. Avery Stud Biker Jacket, £54.99 - Miss Guided
7. Black Leather Look Biker Jacket, £39.99 - New Look

If you don't want to go all out and spend £££££ on a biker jacket, why not see if your mum has one lurking in the back of her wardrobe from the 80s and customize it with studs and make your own unique look?!
Let me know what you think of this trend.. gotta have it right?!

Katie x


After seeing Joan and Co. on Fashion Police a few weeks ago (my fav programme btw) rave about how glam Blake Lively looked at the premiere of Savages, I have been obsessed with seeing pics of her in magazines and googling what she's been wearing (a bit stalkerish i know)! I never really took much notice of her before that as I wasn't one to watch Gossip Girl but as soon as i saw her in a strapless Zuhair Murad dress (middle picture) she became my new style crush.
This girl most definitely knows how to rock an outfit, from designer tailoring to casual day looks (although in my world 6 inch heels isn't classed as 'casual' but hey i'm not hollywood!).
I like the way she matches her hair and make-up to the outfit she's wearing to add the perfect finishing touches such as a messy bun and oh so natural make-up to a bold red lip and marcel waves. 

Gosh i want her wardrobe.

Katie x


Woooohooooooo my first ever blog post, isn't this exciting! I'm pretty much talking to myself by writing this post as no one will be visiting my blog just yet as it is pretty dull haha! I'm still figuring out how to use this thing and make the design of my blog look half decent and i'm finding it hard :'( - Considering i do ICT at A level this is a bit embarrassing.
Anyway, this is just a quick post to start my blog off and to let those know that i hope to entertain you all with a variety of different posts which include info on the latest trends within beauty and fashion, reviews of certain products which i have bought etc etc. and just little posts about what i've been getting up to (which is never that exciting but hey ho) and what i'm loving at the moment.

Ok, so this is a little awkward as i don't really know what else to write but I guess I'll get busy and start writing some actual posts lol c yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Katie x