Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Mini Haul!

So after work today i had an hour and a half to kill so i decided to have a little mooch around the shops and i bought a few bits and bobs!

First, i nipped into boots and picked up the following:
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation -  £8.99 - Love this foundation, it gives a good coverage without feeling too heavy on the skin! I feel that this foundation leaves my skin with a bit of a glow and it smells nice too (bonus)!
Blistex Soothing Splash - £2.59 - Love love love!! This feels so silky, smooth and cool when you apply it to your lips and leaves them feeling hydrated. The roller ball application makes it easy to apply and mmmmmm i just love this!
More Magazine - £1.50 - My fav mag!

I  also had a voucher for double boots points (SCORE!!)

Topshop was my next stop and i have wanted one of their nail polishes for a long time but i've never come round to buying one! So when i saw this colour in the corner of my eye i knew i had to buy it (pictured above).
Topshop nail polish in Blitz - £6 -  I haven't got a metallic nail polish so i'm so excited to try this!!

This was one of the first things i saw when i walked into Topshop and i fell in love with the print and the bright colours. This top looks much brighter in real life and I thought it was a rather fun top which would spice up a boring pair of jeans!!
I couldn't find this on the website sorry :( - £20.

Lastly, I went into New Look in search for a lace black bandeau top but i had no luck and the only ones they had left were plain ones :( I decided to buy it anyway as it was cheap and i thought it would be useful as it would go with everything! I later saw this Rolling Stones T-Shirt and thought 'woooooohoooooo' as i'd wanted a grey print t-shirt like this for a while (it has lowish arm holes too.. perfect to wear with my bandeau!!)

Black Ruched Front Bandeau - £2.99
Rolling Stones Grey Acid Wash Vest - £14.99

Pay day Friday so i'm sure there will be another one of these soon bye bye £££!!

Katie x


  1. Great haul, I LOVE the rolling stones top :) xx

  2. Love your two tops especially the rolling stones one!
    Great blog by the way, I would love to follow each other? Check out my blog and let me know :)



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  4. love the Topshop top :) you picked a lovely shade nail varnish too, don't think I have seen that one yet


    1. Its my first Topshop nail polish and i love it! It chips easy though without a top coat :( I've followed you! :)

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  6. I love all your purchases, you have a great style!
    Check out my blog or even follow me?:)

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  8. loveee that topshop mirror top xx

    1. Me too, i've been wearing it loads since i bought it haha!! x

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